Here’s the Best Thing Our Customer Care Specialist Ate This Weekend


We get asked all the time: What do you cook at home? Here’s a little inspiration from our customer care specialist Melissa Langer:

I love breakfast. If you could scoop out my soul, it’d likely resemble eggs Florentine and half of a peppered avocado. I’m constantly craving those savory, wholesome flavors and make every effort to pop them into each meal.


My go-to lunch is eggs on toast—I prefer this option because it:

  1. Takes 15 minutes max to make, which is essential when sharing a kitchen with 3 roommates
  2. You can pretty much throw anything on this combo and it’ll be delicious
  3. It’s sneaky way to eat half a sandwich at any time of day

This weekend, I started mine by toasting one heavy slice of multigrain bread. I ran out of avocados (the horror) so I whipped up some hummus by processing chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, and a mighty handful of leftover roasted red peppers. Then I topped that with fresh arugula, and an over-easy egg (fried in olive oil). Then, I liberally splashed it with my near and dear Cholula hot sauce and some ground pepper… and promptly gobbled it down.

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