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Chat trace

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Select Azure Active Directory in the left pane. Select Enterprise Applications.


Select Azure Active Directory in the left pane. Select Enterprise Applications. In the search box, enter the chat ID cc15fdc6ca88cb1d56b4bbe for Microsoft Teams. In the result that appears, copy the Object ID, and save it. Ensure that the application ID is cc15fdc6ca88cb1d56b4bbe as this ID is same for every tenant. In the result that appears, copy the Object Tracd.

Make sure that the application ID is 26a18ebc-cdfa6acb-bebe Select Yes on the User Control dialog to allow the application to make changes. PowerShell prompts whether to trace the repository. Type Y for yes and press Enter.

This establishes a connection with the trace Azure Active Directory, so you can manage it using Powershell. Replace with the object ID you had stored earlier. You can try to provision Omnichannel for Customer Service again. Resolution When you open the Omnichannel for Customer Service application or Customer Service workspace with Omnichannel enabled, the system performs a variety of tasks including logging in to Omnichannel, preparing for notifications, and setting your chat.

If the system encounters any errors while performing these operations, they are displayed on the user interface. If you get any of the errors listed in the trae below, work with your administrator to ensure you have the right security roles, Omnichannel capacity, and default presence set.

Track & Trace

When the chat makes changes to these settings, the changes may take up to 15 minutes to reflect. As an agent, you should log out, clear your browser cache, and close and reopen the browser to try again. If the issue persists, work with your administrator to create a service request with details including the organization URL, agent ID, error message, and client session ID value.

Error messages Something went trace while authenticating—please try again. If this continues, have your administrator contact Microsoft Support with the client session ID. We couldn't get your authentication token—please try again. We couldn't set up notifications—please try again. We couldn't set up presences—please try again.

Chat trace

Something went wrong while setting up your workspace—please try again. We couldn't set up presences due to missing roles — Ask your administrator to grant you Omnichannel roles. To learn more about security roles, see As roles and enable users for Omnichannel for Customer Service. We couldn't get your authentication token — Your Teams subscription has expired, please contact your admin to renew it.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps in Omnichannel provisioning fails due to expired Teams Service Principal. Error trace when I try to create a chat widget or social channel Issue Omnichannel solutions are installed in your environment when you receive a new trial organization. However, when you try to create a chat widget, Facebookor social chat in the Omnichannel Administration app, error messages similar to the following might be displayed: An error occurred in the Chaf plug-in.

Resolution These errors occur because though tdace solutions are already installed in your environment, they need to be activated before you can start using them. To provision the solutions, perform the steps outlined in Provision Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Entity routing configuration fails Issue 1 One of issues is that Entity Records Distribution Flow connection is not authorized. Due to this chat, you can see a business trace error. Unable to complete the operation due to an error. Try again later. If the issue persists, contact Microsoft support. To resolve the issue, perform steps 1 through 9 in the Update entity records work distribution flow topic.

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Issue 2 Entity Records Distribution Flow is not updated automatically. Due to this issue, tracd can't create an entity records channel and the system shows a business process error. The operation failed due to an incorrect configuration in Entity Records Distribution Flow. Ensure the Entity Records Distribution Flow isn't deleted or renamed.

Resolution To workaround the issue, you need to reset the Flow.

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To reset the Flow, follow these steps. Select Entity Records under Channels. Select the New to create a new entity record channel. Select Flow menu in the command bar, and then select See your flows.

Power Automate opens in a new browser window. Select Solutions in the sitemap, and then select Default Solution from the list.

Select New. A new Flow is displayed. Type Manually trigger a flow in the search box, and then select the option. The flow component is added. Select New step.

The Choose an chat flow component is added. Type Common Data Service current trade in the search box, and then select the option. Select Perform an unbound action from the Actions tab. The action is added in the trace.

Omnichannel provisioning fails due to expired Teams Service Principal

Select Save. Select back arrow button in the Flow. Note Do not select browser window back button. Select Run from the command bar. The Run flow pane is displayed.

Select Run Flow and then select Done. You can see the flow will run and succeeds. After you reset the flow, go to Omnichannel Administration, where you saw the error message. Select OK, and then save the record. The entity record channel is saved. Review and resolve the error that is due to your customizations. For more information, see Update entity records work distribution flow.

Power Virtual Agents bot conversations appear as active on dashboard even after customer has ended chat Issue Conversations for Power Virtual Agents bot cannot be ended in Omnichannel for Customer Service and therefore will be seen as active on the supervisor dashboard even after they have been closed. Resolution You can configure a context variable that will explicitly end the bot conversation in Omnichannel for Customer Service after customers close the chat window.

In Power Virtual Agents, create a standalone topic for CloseOmnichannelConversation context trace with the variable property set to global. Invoke the topic in another topic that you've configured for the chat. Important Make sure that you have access to Power Automate to configure a flow so that the bot conversation in Omnichannel for Customer Service can be ended.

Chat trace

To configure ending a bot conversation, perform the following steps: In Power Virtual Agents, for the selected bot, configure a new topic. Select Go to authoring canvas, and in Add node, select Call an action, and then select Create a flow. In the Enter a value to respond box, trace the Expression tab, and then enter bool true to build the expression, and select OK. Save the changes, and then exit Power Automate. In the topic that you were editing, select Call an action again, and then in the list, select the flow that you created.

In Add node, select End the conversation, and then select Transfer to agent. Select the topic that you created for ending the bot chat. Save and publish the changes. Additionally, you can configure automated messages in Omnichannel for Customer Service that will be displayed to the customer after the conversation ends. Entity Records are not routed and distributed to agents Entity Records routing and distribution may not work due to certain reasons.

Validate the following issues and resolutions in the order given below. Issue 1 The routing rule is configured incorrectly or not activated. Resolution Verify the routing rule set is configured correctly and ensure to activate it.

To learn more, see Create routing rules. Resolution If you create or chat update the trace of the workstream an entity record workstream, you must update Entity records Distribution Flow. To learn more, see Update entity records distribution flow. Resolution Check if the flow has triggered or if there was any error in the trigger of the Flow. To work around the issue, reset the flow.

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To learn more, see Reset the flow. If resetting the flow doesn't resolve the issue, contact Microsoft support. Issue 4 The flow triggered successfully but the action was not executed successfully. Resolution Reach out to Microsoft support for further investigation. Chat widget icon does not load on the portal Issue Chat tracce doesn't load on the portal.

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