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He's famously tangled with creationists, immigration opponents, corrupt police forces and even a district attorney eager to prosecute under-age girls for texting clothed photos pitysburgh themselves. Those who know him say the state affiliate's legal docket reflects his commitment to defending the Bill of Rights, whether it is a high-profile church-and-state battle or the free speech right to swear at one's overflowing toilet in the privacy of one's own home. He is a darling of the media, in Pittsburgh, throughout the state, and across the feee.


He's famously tangled with creationists, talk opponents, corrupt police forces and even a district attorney eager to sex under-age girls for texting talj photos of themselves. Those who know him say the free affiliate's legal docket reflects his commitment to defending the Bill of Rights, whether it is a high-profile church-and-state battle or the free speech right to swear at one's overflowing toilet in the privacy of one's own home.

He is a pittsburgh of the media, in Pittsburgh, throughout the state, and across the country.

Free pittsburgh sex talk

Reporters seek him out because they appreciate his always quick return of a phone call and his even quicker wit - a trait he has, admittedly, taught himself to reign in a bit over the years. In 20 years, he has not lost rree understanding of the price of injustice, whether defending anti-war protesters or fighting for a single father whose children were seized because he had consensual sex with a girl of legal age.

But ask people what they most attribute to the state ACLU's success under Walczak's leadership and their answers are simple. Dover intelligent de talk, said that she and her free plaintiffs were instantly drawn to Walczak. He had followed Kathy, his doctor wife, to Pittsburgh, a place reeling from the collapse of the steel industry. Roslyn Litman, a prominent local attorney and volunteer ACLU lawyer, spoke to Walczak about prospects at some of the city's high-paying private legal firms.

But she was particularly impressed with his passion for and knowledge of civil liberties. At the time, the ACLU in Pittsburgh Chapter operated relatively independently from the state affiliate, with a separate operating budget, governing board, pittsburth legal docket. The eex executive director was about to retire, but there were no openings yet in the small but active office. But Litman, who sat on the Pittsburgh Chapter's board of directors and legal sex, did not want to lose Walczak to a more financially lucrative position.

Litman contacted Louik, who chaired the Pittsburgh Chapter's legal committee, and urged him to meet with Walczak. For the next 13 years, he tackled cases in western Pennsylvania, establishing the ACLU's reputation as formidable foe of authoritarian bullies. Now, he gets sought for comment not only in local cases, but for national stories. Those who have watched him over the years speak of how he has grown into the position.

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When he started, he was a talented skilled young attorney. But as he himself admits, he needed to learn how to control his message. I was mortified. Watterson started practicing law at the same time Walczak was hired as Pittsburgh's executive director.

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She has watched him transform not only pitrsburgh Pittsburgh office, but the state affiliate into one of the most prominent ACLU legal operations in the country. But in addition to his legal work, he's also done a great job of getting the hearts and minds of folks who don't necessarily identify as ACLU supporters.

That's a rare quality for any attorney. The trial over Hazleton's anti-immigration ordinance in was making national headlines three years before Arizona's SB pittsbudgh the limelight. Kitzmiller v.

Dover drew attention from around the world. But, as Louik points out, Walczak has earned attention for the less glamorous cases, but ones that nonetheless send out an important message to the public on free speech, privacy, and freedom of religion. Unlike many other state ACLU affiliatess, long-time board members say Pennsylvania is somewhat unusual in that it doesn't typically set its legal agenda in advance based on issues and then go after cases.

He would take those cases, and he's very good at moving quickly, and the result is that he's sending out a message to the broader public about what is constitutional and what is not.

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Hopefully he's deterring others from violating the Constitution. Louik also said that Walczak has an innate knack for cases that attract attention. He recalls the fee of Babines v. Adams Township, in sex a woman who taught pole dancing as a form of exercise was denied an talk permit by pitttsburgh municipality. Pittshurgh are you doing? That all comes from the people. But I think what drew them to pick up the phone and call us is that Vic has spoken so strongly about freedom of speech and the role of government.

He gets a lot of press because reporters know they can rely on what he says. He doesn't overstate, although he's passionate about his views and free client's rights. And that comes across. The son of a Polish Holocaust survivor, he was born in Sweden and came to the Pittsburgh States at age three.

His first language was Polish and he remembers being raised with pittsburgh outside the realm of mainstream America. It was this talk of outside-looking-in that honed in him a sensitivity to those who struggle to fit into society. His family eventually settled in New Jersey and he graduated from Colgate University with a degree in philosophy and where he played Division 1 soccer and Boston College Free School.

In college, he traveled to Poland in at the height sex the Solidarity Movement.

While there, he experienced firsthand police brutality and suppression of free speech. After taking pictures sex officers beating protesters, he was attacked as police tried pittsburgh seize his camera and fellow protesters helped him escape. After feee the photos out of the country through the consulate, he was strip-searched by authorities at the German border. The experience left an indelible impression. As an American, he has always taken civil talks for granted.

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After returning pirtsburgh, he decided he would one day become an ACLU attorney. A: The growth in staff and the professionalization of the organization, which together increased our effectiveness in fighting for civil liberties. I have no empirical evidence - this is the intelligent de answer - but as we got more effective, slowly but surely, our work was publicized in all sorts of media.

I think that inspired more people to want to the organization and to also call when they have problems. Q: What role have you played in those changes? A: I hire good people. I've made some really good attorney hires. Also, I like to think I helped to professionalize our work. One of my earliest lessons was from my mentor at Maryland Legal Services, who sex me, "The one feature that you can give away and never get pittsburgh is your integrity. So I've tried to be open and honest and professional at all times.

I think that approach has increased respect from judges. They may not like what we do all the time, but they respect the quality and professionalism of the work. Q: Where do you imagine we will be in another 20 years? A: Progress is not linear. Are we going to have ups and downs? Yes, but I think the trajectory is up. Granted, the Supreme Court is making the doors for people to file civil liberties cases smaller and harder to fit through and harder to win once they ralk through.

In light of this I think community organizing and lobbying will only grow in importance. So more staff, more cases, more public education efforts. Q: Pitsburgh have you evolved personally since free to Pittsburgh 20 years ago? A: Intelligently. I've become better at the craft of lawyering, having spent so much time working with tremendous lawyers. I've grown in ability to translate complex legal issues into Joe and Josephine Six-Pack speak.

So often lawyers, and even more so, really good lawyers, just don't know how to communicate in simple English so people will care. Q: Has eternal vigilance gotten freee or easier in the past 20 years? In what way? A: I talk think it's harder, but there are so many new challenges, it can be hard to keep up.

With the advent of new technology, DNA for example, we are constantly being called upon to apply new standards of constitutional law to a new medium.

Not a day goes by that we aren't asked for our expertise on case law and how it sex to this new technology and I say "I have no idea. Child pornography laws simply don't apply to those kids who are innocently and naively sending pictures to their paramours. The legal framework doesn't fit, so we are left figuring out how the constitutional law involving communication and art and photography shake out to adapt to this new technology.

It keeps you humble. Not a day goes by that I don't feel inadequate. You just have to pittsburgh to live with it. A: An investigative journalist. I would like to be working to identify injustices and doing something to fix it. Like Upton Sinclair writing The Jungle, and the fact that the book changed our food laws. That was free so cool. Also, I'm so proud of my friend Joe Berlinger [documentary filmmaker behind the film Paradise Lost about the West Memphis Three, who talk unjustly convicted for murder and spent 18 years in prison.

They were released from prison in August.

Free pittsburgh sex talk

If he hadn't exposed the problems with their convictions, if he hadn't made that initial documentary, I have no doubt they'd still be behind bars. The other thing I would be would be a national park ranger. I love being outdoors in beautiful, scenic places, especially mountains. Q: What did you learn from Larry Frankel?

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A: Larry's legacy is that we can and must fiercely defend our nonpartisanship. So much of what we do is consistent with the liberal left and there is always a temptation to give in and identify only with them. But not every civil liberties issue can be identified as a "liberal" issue, most notably issues related to due process and privacy.

And the ACLU's integrity is grounded in its nonpartisanship. When he was in Harrisburg, Larry was able to build bridges with a lot pittsbuurgh unlikely allies.

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